Beyond customer choice-driven growth projects, The Seed also offers consultancy advice across a range of other insight and strategy areas.


But regardless of the brief, each Seed project begins with listening......lots of listening. We find that it is only by doing this up front that we can accurately define the problem and thereby determine the best approach to help to solve it.


Previous projects have included everything from just one of these stages through to the full suite. Future projects may require something still different again......let's have a conversation and find out.


Situation analysis

This desk research stage might involve assessing competitive marketing material, looking at overseas trends or reviewing historic research to ensure the answers don't already exist.

Stakeholder alignment

This stage might involve face-to-face interviews with internal stakeholders or facilitating stakeholder workshops to ensure everyone agrees the key issues upfront and buys into the project.

Customer understanding

This stage is where we talk to consumers (B2C/B2B) to gather fresh opinions and test hypotheses via whatever methodology (quant/qual/ mixed) is best for the task at hand.

Strategy development

This is the stage where we turn data, knowledge and information into a clear and simple strategy that provides an action plan for tackling key issues and delivering growth.

Content creation

In this stage we turn raw insight into memorable content via clear, simple and engaging writing, whether in the form of a blog, white paper, award entry, speech script or something else.

Team training

In this stage, we can help diffuse the project's key messages throughout an organisation via hands-on training sessions and preparation of sales material as necessary.

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